What to do if you installed windows and lost GRUB again?

posted Jul 19, 2013, 5:40 AM by Nico Kruithof
  • Boot from the Live Linux CD.
  • Choose an option that says something like "Try Linux without installing".
  • After Linux desktop environment (like Gnome or KDE) is finished loading, open a Terminal window.
    Under Gnome, open Terminal through, Applications menu -> Accessories -> Terminal
    Under KDE, open Terminal through, KMenu -> System -> Terminal Program (Konsole).
  • In the terminal, type sudo grub.
  • Next type, find /boot/grub/stage1 and press Enter. The output may look like hd0, 6
  • Type root (hd0, 6). Note that we have to use whatever output we get from previous command. If you get hd0, 2, then type root (hd0, 2)
  • Type setup (hd0) (again replace hd0 with the output of the find command) and press Enter. next type quit and press Enter to exit grub.
  • Thats it, Grub bootloader is loaded again in MBR. Restart your computer.