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Remote Handling Task Preparation [2009-2010]

VR4Robots allows the user to test and train difficult remote handling operations in hazardous situations (like a fusion reactor). These operations are simulated using a virtual representation of the environment and give valuable insights in the procedures. This project was done in collaboration with Dutch Space.

Backacter Training Simulator [2008-2010]

A training simulator for Van Oord of one of the worlds largest backhoes. An exact copy of the real cabin is placed on a motion platform and surrounded by multi pipe projection screens to simulate the real world as closely as possible. A real-time physics simulation and a particle system give the posibility to train with various crane configurations and soil types.


CGAL - Skin surface mesher and Alpha Shapes

2D Periodic triangulation [2013]

An implementation of a triangulation of the 2D torus (periodic space) was accepted into CGAL. This package is based on the 3D periodic triangulation packaged for which I started the development while doing a post-doc at INRIA.

Alpha shapes for astronomical data [2011]

The application shows how alpha shapes are used to analyze the structures present in the galaxy distribution of the Cosmic Web at different scales.
alpha0.png (450×450) alpha1.png (450×450) alpha0.png (450×450) alpha3.png (450×450)

Skin surface mesher [2005-2006]

During my PhD, I developed an algorithm to efficiently mesh skin surfaces. Meshing surfaces is necessary to be able to visualize these surfaces. The algorithm contains some nice properties: the skin surface and the approximating mesh are isotopic and the time complexity is optimal. The algorithm is implemented and part of the CGAL library.

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